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Battery common problems
Do not use (NiCd) nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride (NIMH) or other types of batteries dedicated charger for lithium polymer (lipo) battery charging using lipo dedicated charger
1.Please do not charge in an unattended case
2.Do not charge (the voltage of the electric core is not more than 4.25V).
3.When charging, please note that the charge of the desktop or the platform can heat resistance
4.At any time, can not let the battery electric core overheating. After the temperature of the electric core reaches 60, it can keep the safety hazard, even the burning.
5.When charging, the battery is not close to or placed directly in flammable materials such as: paper, plastic, carpet, alcohol, leather, wood, or directly on the model car, car charging
6.Do not put (each core put the electric voltage is not lower than 2.75V), easy to damage the battery over discharge, such as.

7.Do not close the battery to the liquid, do not save the battery in the wet place
8.Do not close the fire or heater, etc.
9.Do not secretly assembly of batteries, the battery will be used to open the old battery after the reorganization, or will open a piece of electrical core and another group of batteries are dangerous behavior (no special assembly equipment easy to cause short circuit burning)
Please put the battery in a safe place where children can't reach.
10.If there is a collision in use, remove the battery. Please carefully check the battery and the connector is normal, just in case. Note: the battery may have high temperature hot!
11.Do not splash the electrolyte into the eyes or skin, if you accidentally splash, please rinse with water immediately. Do not disassemble the battery or change the wiring
12.Please carefully check the battery voltage and battery before charging or using.
13.Do not short circuit (positive or negative)
14.Do not have direct contact with the phenomenon of leakage of liquid battery
15.Please charge at 0-45!
16.Long term use of batteries, please be sure to carry out a charge and discharge within 3 months to maintain the stability of the battery
Motor common problems

******************************************************Attention to the use of motor******************************************************
Motor and model are not toys, suitable for use over the age of 12. They have the ability to damage the body and property in the course of use, so please read the instructions carefully before using. The motor is suitable for people over 12 years of age, and must have the experience of the adult to help confirm the correctness of the system!

*****************************************************How to connect the governor*************************************************
Please confirm that the maximum working current and working voltage of ESC is higher than the motor. Output line please with heat shrinkable sleeve protection, also can buy with your previous use ESC output compatible plug and connection need to ensure that the correct direction of rotation of the motor.

*************************************************Running and maintenance of motor************************************************
The rotor and stator of the motor are supported only by the front and rear two bearing supports. No brush and any friction parts, so the new motor does not need to run can be directly used, in the absence of external impact and overload, the motor's life is almost equivalent to the bearing life. Two days all motors are used in high quality ball bearing sealed bearings, almost no maintenance work!

***************************************************Cooling of power system**********************************************************

Motor in the running process will generate a lot of heat, and internal combustion engine, good heat dissipation is also necessary. Overheating can lead to increased wear and damage to the bearing, thereby reducing the performance and life of the motor. Please make sure that the air can flow through the armature and the magnet through the separator at the front of the nose. Simple principle is: inlet should at least is 2 times the size of motor cooling, and the air outlet orifice area is larger than that of the inlet in order to send the expansion of hot gas flow.

*********************************************************Important safety tips*******************************************************

* do not change the direction of the shaft, the shaft and the rotor are closely matched. Any damage caused by such attempts is not within the scope of the warranty.
* do not exceed the maximum permissible voltage and / or current drive motor. * do not let the motor water or moisture, so that the motor may be permanently damaged, and even cause ESC short circuit. * please run again after proper cooling of the motor. * do not attempt to touch the rotating motor shaft or shell, the output shaft of the speed is very high.
* never try to use the damaged motor.
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