LEOPARD HOBBY The power customer service service

1. Product quality problem is powered by a leopard in the warranty period free warranty, since the date of purchase from 240 days (including the expiry day) free warranty (users need to provide proof of purchase)To treat the family to the seller to obtain effective purchase vouchers (receipts or invoices), unable to provide effective purchase of the certificate of the product, do not have the conditions for the guarantee.

2. the purchase certificate is signed and sealed by the seller, and the data is complete.

3.Due to the damage caused by accident, abuse, disassemble the repair or modification, does not belong to the scope of warranty; man-made damage and have warranty, life-long service provided by the leopard power, users only need to pay return postage, material cost and maintenance cost.

4.This warranty service is limited to the Chinese mainland and Hongkong, Macao sales of brushless motor.

5.After sales service process:

5.1 customers find products is not normal use, after carefully check to ensure that products have been damaged, directly linked to the leopard Dynamic Model Co., Ltd. after-sales service personnel (telephone, fax, e-mail, instant communication can).

5.2 service personnel to confirm whether the quality problem.

5.3 if product is really need to repair after-sales service personnel, the customer needs to fill in the product table "(click the link to download the application form), then the repair products, to buy the original of the certificate sent to leopard Dynamic Model Co., Ltd..

5.4 the leopard Dynamic Model Co., Ltd. receives the product, evaluate the product damage, if you need to charge, by phone or e-mail to contact the customer, and confirmed by the client and agreed to a quote for the repairs and maintenance.

5.5 the leopard Dynamic Model Co., Ltd. within 7 working days will product repair is completed, the product together with proof of purchase original sent back to the client.

LEOPARD HOBBY leopard power customer service technical support phone:

Mailbox: jerry@leopard-model.com
Contact person: Mr. Zhu

Address customer service service center leopard Dynamic Model Co.:

No.1502, 15th Floor in Ronghu Square Innovation Center Building, No.408, Pingji Road, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China

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